Very Important! PLEASE NOTE


Dear Agents,


We have made a decision to standardize across all big bottles the size as 50ml. Some of our bottles are 60mls (some still in stock). Some bottles are

50ml’s however when filling them they can take up to 58ml depending on viscosity and neck height and thus classing them as 60ml. We understand the

confusion with the current various new bottles as we have had 3 sets in the past 6 months. There are many other similar products on the market

causing confusion and therefore we have decided to do this. However, as going forward all big bottles will be Classified as 50ml going forward. As of Monday 22 May 2017 the 50ml Fragrance will be sold @ R55.00 per bottle. There will be no change to the 30ml. We thank you for all your support and we are pleased to say that our awesome boxes and various other benefit products will be available soon.


Thank you

Fragrance Heaven